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Allergy Epidemic

Millions suffer ‘home fever’ as allergy epidemic begins to bite. The charity Allergy UK polled 1,600 people as part of an attempt to gain wider insight into the rise of household allergies. It showed 31 per cent of the nation was allergic to mould, while 45 per cent cited a pet allergy. Some 30 per cent of people are also allergic to chemicals in cleaning products.
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Today’s Links from Ian Oakleys blog

  • Thinking is the key
    Tony Wilson of Lifestyle Architecture impacts Group 34 with his unique and dynamic way of presenting ‘Thinking is the key to all Productivity’, so easily stated but just how many of us take the time out during the day/week to do exactly that? – this was one awesome day in London, thanks Group 34!
  • How can human illness be that simple
    The following passage comes from a book I read recently, it sums up everything I do and believe in, with such awesome passion; in one scene we watched a conference meeting involving representatives from many medical fields, some scientists were arguing that the entire field of medicine had to change its point of view if […]

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Kangen Water "Water of Life"

A recently published book by Jessica Richards, The Topic of Cancer, makes reference to Kangen Water as her “Water of Life”. Diagnosed with cancer in 2007, Jessica decided to take a radical route to managing her own health. Years later, she is fit and well and this book is a testament not only to her choices, but to her commitment to helping others manage their own illness, from diagnosis, through decisions about their health and well being throughout the process, whatever methods of treatment they choose. Find out more about Jessica by visiting her website.

Ecotek Group Distribution

The latest Distributor for Ecotek Group’s Team of International Enagic Distributor’s -Barton Consulting.

Chilean miners underground for 69 days

We all know about the global news story that 33 miners were trapped underground for 69 days. Given the terrible ordeal they went through, why did they all look so healthy when the finally escaped?

The untold story is that from day four they were all drinking Kangen Water!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrXCqjhnlGI’]

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